Our distinguished alumni are one of the greatest assets of Lambda Chi Alpha. Graduates share their wisdom, connections, experience, and amazing stories with their undergraduate brothers. As Lambda Chi truly is a lifetime of brotherhood, our Alumni community makes it easy for graduated brothers to stay connected to UCLA and to each other.

Chef Florida “Flo”

As a chapter, brothers work closely with the High Rho (Alumni Chairman) to coordinate events that involve Alumni. We invite all alumni brothers to reach out and attend events, such as the Annual Alumni Chapter Meeting and the Annual Alumni Golf Tournament.

A. Barry Cappello – UCLA Distinguished Alumnus (at Stead Leadership Conference 2017)

The Second Annual Alumni Golf Tournament, which took place on Saturday, February 4th, was incredibly successful. Undergraduate Brothers of the Epsilon Sigma Zeta spent the day getting to know alumni brothers and golfing on Heroes Golf Course. It was an extraordinary event and we plan on seeing even more alumni brothers coming out in the years to come.


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